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I made gifts for a baby shower recently. The new baby is due to love pink so of course I enjoyed adding pink fabrics to a denim theme.

The bibs are like a favorite pattern I used for our son back in the day. This time I found hot pink bandanas at Farm & Fleet which pleased me! I used a standard bib pattern I found via Pinterest.  Her pattern is turned right side out but I like the frayed edges of the denim so I sewed mine wrong sides together and just stitched along the edge leaving a bit to fray after washing.

baby shower gifts b

(I have no affiliate sponsors.  I’m just adding the links so you can find ideas too.)  I don’t have more pictures as these came out of the washer & dryer just 5 minutes after I should have left for the party!  I don’t do late.

Snap Source, the best way to add snaps!  Even if you sew only a few things for a child, you have to have a snap setter from Snap Source.  Buy size 16 and you should be pretty set for most projects.  It is great — even after all these years for me!

The travel changing pad idea and instructions came from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew.  I used denim on the outside and a cotton fabric with a light chintz glaze for the inside. I took the denim and a piece of wool batting to my deck and spray-basted them together.  Then it was easier to sew the denim right sides together with the cotton.  After turning right side out, I quilted a few wavy lines since I had added a layer of wool batting inside.

I added a travel pouch of wipes after the photo.

My children didn’t have tag blankets but I’ve heard a lot about them. I sent a quick message to a young mom friend to check on a good size. I say bigger is better and was aiming to about 20″ square as the pattern suggested. However, she said theirs are more 12″ square and big loveies shouldn’t be in cribs anymore.

The cream side is velour and the other side is a pastel yellow flannel feminine print. I added pastel ribbons of various textures.

I also put a layer of wool batting inside before turning. Quilting this on my long arm was a challenge with nothing to load it with so I basted the edges to some straps of fabric. It was the ugliest load ever! (in the form of technique) But totally worth getting a feathered freehand heart!


I made a denim tote for the gift bag and it can be used for toting toys, baby needs, or groceries. I love this size for the grocery. Plus if something spills the totes are easy to wash.  I have this pattern but I really want to rewrite it so I don’t have to rethink it all every time I make one. I’ve made several.  Poorly written directions!

Me with the expectant mom —


I’m friends with the expectant grandmother; here with her other daughter ~


And now we await word on or around May 1st!


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Mrs. So & So’s etsy site is expanding!  Today marks the beginning of having quilted items on my etsy site.

And the beginning is a big deal but a small deal!  I’m thrilled with the shift in focus and pray that it pans out and fills the holes for a bit.   However, I’ve only listed one item for today.  😉

Since my first table runner met with great reviews (and frankly, I loved it!!), I made another one to sell.  (No, I didn’t rip MIL’s table runner from her fingers!  LOL! That would be impossible – thankfully she loves my stuff.  🙂  )

A third one has journeyed to Ohio and hopefully is well-loved there, too.

This is from hand-dyed silk/cotton blend with 100% wool batting and 100% cotton backing.  It is machine washable so you can use it!  🙂

Let me know if you’d like this.  If you are local, I can save you the shipping fees and commence business directly with you.

I’ll be adding other items this week and next if all goes as planned.   Thanks for marking Mrs. So & So as one of your favorites on etsy!

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I finally sent a box of JB to Ohio… Just Because.   My mom invented that I think.   😉  But this time 1/2 of the box was for her and 1/2 for my sister-in-law.

Mom FINALLY got her triple-third-place pillowcases!

Just because the judges didn’t like them didn’t mean the family won’t love them.  🙂   My parents have lots of hummingbirds visit their deck!

My sister-in-law received her long-awaited napkins in the fabric that matches her future placemats.    I don’t have a picture of them…  just napkins.

I also made a table topper out of her coordinating fabrics of the placemats.  Word has it the quilt has gone to the lower living quarters and that is just fine as well!  Just so she enjoys it!!   🙂

I worked out the details on my EQ7 and started with a 9″ paper-pieced star.   This is the Connecticut Star from Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars book.  Yes, I love that book and now that I have the CD to print the patterns MY size, I think I’ll use it more often!   SIL was born (or just raised?) in Connecticut and I liked the design for her fabrics.  It is 24″ square.

My boysenberry hand-dyed fabric was PERFECT for a sashing and outer border.  Her napkin fabric is the navy print.  May I just say I lovelovelove mitered borders!!

I used wool batting so that it would poof around the quilted areas.  The star just has 3 rings of freehand loops and then quilting 1/4″ away from the edge.   I used my fun gridded background loops in the setting triangles.   The turquoise border pattern is one from Joanie Poole’s books.  Just imagine…. traced my design onto turquoise fabric with the blue washout marker! LOLOLOLOL!!  You can laugh… I understand.  I thought I’d go cross-eyed but sort of just fumbled my way along, hoping it would look OK in the end.

I love these little surprises and could hardly stand the wait until they were done and delivered!

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Elinor’s Pillows

My dear friend, Elinor, made these pillow sham tops for their “adopted” (in their hearts) daughter, Shelly.  Shelly just finished piecing her first quilt top and it was back from being long-arm quilted.  Elinor made these coordinating pieced panels for pillow shams.

She wasn’t happy with her own quilting so brought them over for me to quilt.

She just wanted a background stipple but I thought this would be a great opportunity to teach myself a new fill-in pattern. Back to my new freehand quilting designs book and I found “button flowers”.

Elinor gets to finish them into pillow shams.   Sometime…

I think the design would look better smaller and tighter (flowers closer together) but this worked for these pillow tops.  I dropped them off today and E is pleased!   🙂  (She is just sweet about those things anyway!  😉 )

This is the back… I loved this side too!  🙂

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Kindle Kover

I made this a few weeks ago for my friend, Heather.   (if you go to her blog today, she did a post about this today as well!!   🙂  )

I sent it to her aunt’s in TX whom she’d be visiting around Easter.

For her Kindle —

I had just watched a DVD with this loopy quilting demo’d.  I think it will appear more often.   🙂

When opened, there is a pocket for ?? and then the right side has straps to hold the Kindle.  (I hope it fits correctly!)

I quilted a ruffled heart under the Kindle area

This project was the first one to dig into the snow-dyed fabric stash!  It was so fun working with the various colors that came from the dye!!

I made an altered tag for the pocket.

On the back is a poem, I wrote.

Roses are red

Cerulean, the new blue

I’m not sure this matches

I hope it will do!


You read lots of books

But to get one new

The shipping to Brazil

Just will not do!


Enter technology

Quentin agreed

A new Kindle arrived

In lightning speed!


Since I don’t have one

(There isn’t a need 😉 )

This pattern was just

for you, indeed!


I hope you enjoy ~

It is sent with a smile

Sending lots of hugs

Across all the miles!

Then I added some fibers for foof!  (because I think any mom to 3 boys needs foof in her life!)

For my lovely friend….


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Current Works in Progress

I usually don’ t have 2 projects going at once but…

I started back to my 2009 Block of the Month project on Sunday.   After working various 1 hour chunks Sun & Monday, I completed one arc x 4…. and had logged 4 hours!

Unfortunately, I would guesstimate that 1/2 an hour of that was unsewing!!   😦

Gotta love paper piecing without picking paper!! (int – adv pp class coming to guild in October!   🙂 )

Then I pieced the smallest arc for the blocks and moved on to the middle arc.  The quilt shop supplied the fabrics for the BOM and the middle arc pieces were to be cut 1 1/2″ x 1″.  That size piece of fabric is TOO small to cover the area, I learned.  AFTER I cut them all!!   😦   I struggled and struggled and finally emailed the store because I was barely getting 1/4″ seam on them!!

Do you have any more green & brown for August’s middle arc?

Yes!  However, she only sent me 1/2 a strip of each so I won’t be able to start over, just continue on and pray those tiny seam allowances I had to use STAY PUT!!

So while I waited (and after I sewed the smallest arc to the center 1/4 circle), I decided to make a quilted jacket out of some Amy Butler fabric I got way back in 2009!  Ahem!  January!!  But it was 40% off at the Super Bowl sale so a super time to get quantities for clothing.   🙂

After living most of 2009 on the end of my cutting table, I guess I put it away! Haha!!  So it took 20 minutes to find the pattern & the fabrics!! I had actually moved on and decided to work on another project and consider the jacket when it appeared again.  LOL!!  🙂  Meanwhile, I DID find some things to throw away.  haha!

Boy, you gotta love patterns for clothing written by quilters.   🙂  Not very good instructions so luckily I still have my instruction from Mrs. McBurney in my head.  (She was my Tailoring prof in college and her daughter is a friend of mine.)    I have quilted all the fabrics for the front, back, side front, side back, & sleeves.

Today I finished cutting out all the pieces and I’m sewing the lining currently.  I decided to sew the lining first to check the sizing a bit more.

The extra fabric strips arrived in Friday’s mail that Phil brought in this morning.  (I guess I was too tired to miss it last night!)   They are going to wait while I sew up this jacket.  It is already out and all over the table!   🙂

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Christmas Purse +

Two years ago I made a purse for Christmas time.  I used a bag of “garage sale” fabric I had bought at the local quilt shop. It is a gallon ziploc bag FULL to overflowing and I paid $5.  🙂

The main fabric is a black floral with reds & greens & blues.  Not hugely screaming Christmas but that is my preference.

But when I pulled it out this month, it was just too small.  heehee!  So I made a new one and tested out a new pattern.

The 1st purse had a paper-pieced panel in it.  I couldn’t find that pattern :blush:  so I opened up my new quilt design software, EQ6, and learned how to draft my own block. This is a “block” that is 3″ x 17″ tho!!  Then I learned how to print the foundation for it.  Very cool!  🙂

{Another use of paper-piecing without picking paper and I love it!! 🙂 }

I still have that $5 bag of fabric but did add other fabric for the lining (cream with red snowmen outlines) and the pink & blue in the flying geese strip. There are 2 pockets inside for holding my gum & my phone.

Of course, I had to have a coordinating cosmetic bag inside.  🙂  (this is becoming a new sickness!!)

And then I made another purse & cosmetic bag for a gift.  😉

(sorry the colors get wonky… that happens when the sun doesn’t shine for 2 weeks! :p )

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