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Kitchen Chairs A

The long story may be written another time but this is the current status.

Kitchen chairs that go with our antique table needed reglued and recovered among other help.  Slow process that I happily delayed (honestly for 25 yrs and then currently) with my Christmas quilt rush but I can, in reality, quilt and have a chair clamped and drying every day so here we are.

chairs 01 B


I started with what I now know were the 2 easiest to repair.    Oh, yes indeed, my father was right… “they need totally reglued!”

“Please don’t take them apart now, Dad,” said the mom of kids at home, in school, married to a farmer, busy to say the least.

And really those 2 needed to be the least of my worries.

I have 4 at this point now.

chairs 02 B

Number 5 has had a new piece of wood cut for a rung and that needs stained and holes drilled in the ends for dowel connectors before assembly.

Number 5 is in at least 7 pieces.  Flat chair.
chairs 03 B

Yet to come…  I will use Old English on the scrapes.   Then P will help me recover all the seats and reattach them.  Air nailer, heavy-duty screws, don’t want to break a nail… sort of husband work.

I have 4 clamps and the wood glue sets in 24 hrs so that also slows my progress.  No more than 4 joins per day.  Had been able to fix 1 chair a day but this #5 will take more than 4 joins.

My heatgun softens old glue and I have a 1″ scraper to get it off.  Sandpaper.  Clean out joins for new fit with new glue.  Ad infinitum!

The hunting in our storage room for any missing pieces (found all but 1 when I started the hunt for 6 “sticks” so that was good) resulted in a lot of decluttering out of there as well.  I would guess 8 loads via Mr. Strong Arms out the door to trash, dumpster, or scrap metal pile.  *cue angels singing*

The 6th chair, captain’s chair, must be AWOL or we never had it but both of us thought there were 6 chairs.   It is not here.

in progress…. will be off for the weekend  of keeping up with glue & clamps.

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A fellow quilting friend gave me this cabinet for free that she got for free.  Double win!!  I have no idea where the “before” photos went but this is one of the baskets that isn’t redone yet showing the original colors of paint and the fabric.

cabinet 4

I visited my favorite local quilt shop and in the clearance closet found a great neutral fabric for 40% off!  (there are good scores in there sometimes!)  Then a stop at Home Depot for 2 cans of spray paint in the color “snow”.  A nearly light gray color.

I was hurrying to get this painted before the mid-October temps dropped to below 40’F so I could get the painting done in the garage.  I could use another can of paint and many warmer days, hence the baskets aren’t redone yet.

I plan to have this upstairs for the winter so I can have a bit of personal projects in the living room with my sewing machine and be able to sew in the evenings.  So now with the redo, it seems OK in the living room.  Mostly I’ll like having just the small area for ironing seams.

cabinet 1

The table I intended to use is going to probably become a kitchen table at an apartment soon so I guess I’m in the market for a portable sewing machine table.   I know what I want as another quilting friend has this sort of set-up as well.  That will be a New Year’s addition.  (Yahoo!)

When I recovered the ironing surfaces, I added a layer of batting over the foam that was on there already.  We put new hinges on the drop-sides.  I need Mr. Strong Arms to get the casters in the bottom a bit more secure.

The baskets fit in the pull out part and stay there to slide back into the main section.

cabinet 3

Finished for now!  Thank you!cabinet 2

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