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Road Trip

The end of July brought all 4 of us together.

In the car.

Away from home.


The last time that happened was in 2004 when we went to South Dakota.   So much has changed since then…  Life on the farm and in the family has changed to the point of making outings nearly impossible.  I am not a very good long-distance traveler this year.    And all of us have jobs that don’t have vacation pay.  All this piled in but we did it!

skyline Chi

pier evening


Everyone got in a day’s work (or partial) and we headed through the big city around 8 p.m.

K leads the way

Phil & I love the kids and love spending time with them.  We cherished all the moments we had with the 4 of us.  (Phil was super glad to have 2 willing drivers!!)

load of 4

The destination was camp for my side’s family reunion.  We spent more time sitting in the car to get there & back than awake at the reunion.

My mom & the 4 of us at the campfire.

mom and 4


marsh 01


All of 4 generations were there but 2 (+ 2 spouses) of the cousin (3rd) generation.

group photo

Saturday morning —

my team

Saturday afternoon slip & slide.  Here go my 3 (you can click on the photo to see it larger) —

slide combo

And back up the hill to do it again!

slide 01

I got to hold the youngest model.  🙂  We gained 2 wee ones in 2013!  I was glad he was still at the pass-the-baby stage but more like the size & weight of wrestling with a 4-legged cinder block that wants to steal your nose!  

BA & JA3/4 of the girl cousins —  A&E with my K

girl combo





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Reunion III

The last of the reunion photos so we can wrap this up! —

JP took to entertaining the older cousins (and the littles and the grown-ups and the grandparents!) with his potato cannon.  First, off the second floor deck of the lodge.

Then to the top of the hill.  This launched the potato to the lake a few times!

Gradually, we all wandered here and away from the dining hall where Gma & Gpa were.  Thankfully, Bruce brought them to the gathering!  Dad stayed in the car.  They were so fascinated as well.  Dad said he could hear it but not see the potato!  None of us usually did see it but occasionally you could find it just before landing.

Saturday night, the big kids took the cannon back outside.  The nighttime photos of the cannon are amazing!

Saturday afternoon’s main event… the HUGE water slide!

Above: JP is in the front

Above: K is next to last on the train of girls

I tried out the video option on the camera and LOVE it!!  🙂


Thanks for meeting my family!  🙂

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Camp Coachman 2009

Last week my siblings & I gathered at our parents.   We were only missing 2 sons-in-law (Phil & Jeff) and 2 grandkids (K & Elliott).  It was fun but I stayed up too late for 2 nights in a row so I must not do that next time!!  :p


Part of this (a mere mention but they didn’t want a “party”) was for Mom & Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary.   So really all this hoop-la is their fault.  😉

original 6 in yardThis time we (kids) are in birth order: Bruce, Nancy, Dad, Mom, Margaret, & me.

A few cousins renamed it (since we don’t really “camp”) Ronk-A-Palooza and decorated the driveway accordingly.  (Other suggestions included Ronk Stock and Ronk-A-Thon.)   I think the 20-something grandkids had more fun with the sidewalk chalk than the intended great-grands.  🙂

Original 6 - palooza(L-R: Me, Nancy, Mom, Dad, Margaret, and Bruce)

8 of the 10 grandkids:

cousins crouched

(I think this proves that Justin wasn’t too happy that JP was passing him in height.  J/K)

3 cousinsThree of my parents’ great-grandsons .   Quite handsome and fun!

cousins in driveway standingThe cousins  (L-R: JP, Kendra, Ben, David, Evie, Amie, Brian, & Justin)

Lucy & meMe with Lucy – she didn’t mind us strange Aunts at all.  🙂 I was quite impressed with her 18 month old rendition of “‘winkle, ‘winkle Little Star”!  She sang the whole song while getting a clean diaper one evening.

Marg & JoyceMy sister Margaret & me.

A cousin of ours was visiting from California (her sister lives in town) so they came for supper one night.   Marsha had lots of old pictures and family stories.  It was fun to see them and I need her email address if anyone here has it!

old pixCousin Marsha, Dad, Me, Margaret with Mom in the kitchen.

cousinsJoyce, Nancy, Marsha, Judi, Margaret

corn roastRoasting corn Saturday night.   They dug a pit along the side of the driveway.  JP said it was really good so wants to try this at home.  🙂

wipesI took my serger & rotary cutting equipment to make baby wipes for Sarah.  I got 68 out of the 2 yds of fabric she bought.   She will have very clean children!

Sarah & A

Sarah reading to A and a little girl in the oven.

J & OAs we waited to get a picture of the great-grands with Mom & Dad, JP took this picture of O & J.  Aren’t they cute?  🙂  They belong to Justin & Leslie.

Sarah worked & worked to get a good picture of all these littles.  You can imagine I’m sure!  It didn’t help we all needed supper, too.

gr grands6 great-grands with one more on the way so far!  Delightful!!

with mom & dadThanks for a great visit Mom & Dad and thanks to Bruce & Sue for their hotel use!

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