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Happy Thanksgiving!

P & I were thankful for a day with the kiddos!  JP arrived on Weds at noon and K appeared by surprise about 6 p.m. having gotten off work early, not telling us she was on the way, and sending a private message to JP to unplug the driveway alarm.  So thrilled to find her standing in the kitchen as we were at the table starting supper!!

We enjoyed the Thursday with just us.  🙂   I said I wanted a photo of my kids together and was met with multiple excuses.

By the end of the light part of the day, while watching a movie, I got this.  The red eye light came on oh.so.slowly. with an alarming announcement that Mom was trying to sneak a photo.  The kiddos had plenty of time to duck & cover!  One behind a phone and one behind a quilt.

Thanksgiving K & JP

Makes a memory however, right?

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Christmas Break

This is one of the first (or only?) times K has been home and not had a long laundry list of things to accomplish.   



This was so surprising, I had to document it!  

Laptop & Pandora provided Christmas music.  😉

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