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I’m getting ready for a Beginner Sewing Class that I’m having here at the house.  Most of the students are young homeschoolers and I’m excited to be doing this!

I’m providing machines…. I guess this isn’t so hard with a collection like this!  🙂

This afternoon I cleaned them all and checked all the cords.  All are threaded and make a perfect stitch!!  Nice job Singer… too bad you changed something when you quit making these black ones!  They are portable machines but not featherweights, but I wonder about #4. (more on that)

I just love seeing them all out & knowing they sew so nicely!!!   🙂

From left to right (front, back, front, back):

1 – this has an Ashland label so I’m wondering if Dad bought this at the church auction several years ago.  It isn’t Aida Mae’s, that is in a cabinet.  (from the church sewing room?)

2 – my mom’s, purrs like a well-loved machine.  Didn’t need any cleaning at all.  Ready to go!  This is the machine I learned to sew on and the reason I’ll snag a black Singer at a sale!  🙂

3 – from an auction but I have no idea when or where!

4 – from an auction in 2009; I peeked in the non-traditional case (not the traditional wooden arched case) and saw a black beauty! This came home in exchange for my $2.50.  It is a British Singer.  It is little… were the British featherweights in cream & leather cases?

Do you know of a website where I can put in the serial numbers and get model numbers & dates? I have Featherweight parts suppliers but not regular Singers like these.  Would love to get a few new parts.

ETA:  Thanks to Michelle, I’m dating a few of these!

#1 made in 1930, 10000 were made Model 99

#2 made in 1948 and I have my mom’s pristine manual still 🙂

#3 made in 1946, could be Model 15 but manual online doesn’t match machine.

#4 was made in 1954, Model 99K, and I was able to download the manual for it free!!! 🙂

At various sites, the information on the models conflicts but I think these dates are at least in the ball park!  😉

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