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February Sunshine

Monday after the storm we had a sunrise!  Blue skies and sunshine were a good change from Saturday & Sunday!

More photos from out my windows.

7:30 a.m. —
0730 (1)

The snow fence is full which is its job so that is good.


0730 (3)

0730 (4) B


10:00 a.m. —


1000 (3)

The main plowing here is just starting.  Livestock were cleared & fed first.  Then P got breakfast.  Then he went to find the lane and the mailbox.  After lunch, he dug for the not-so-smart driver on the corner that was stuck since 1 p.m. Sunday (person was rescued… car is not and another day has passed), his parents, the neighbor, and more of our farm.


1000 (2) B

She loves the snow.  This snow has a hard layer on top… she isn’t breaking through this drift!  ha!  After lunch I found her laying in the sun… on top of snow.  Bliss… to her!


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February Welcome

This weekend they got the weather forecast right.

Over 24 hours of snow and high winds = we were glad we had planned to stay home.  Others weren’t so smart in decision-making.

Most churches were cancelled and our church played a service online for us and I’m glad P saw the post about that just 10 minutes before it started.  Thanks to JP, we can watch the internet on our TV and not huddle around the computer screen.  The sweetest was the surprise at the end of the prayer.  Darling!

Meanwhile… I took a few photos of Sunday….

8:45 a.m. —


11:20 a.m. —

1120 B


3:30 p.m. —
1530 (1)

1530 (2)

1530 (3)


Monday update later.

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Fifth Sunday in March

And you noticed it isn’t March now?  Our March went out like a lion with a family emergency trip to the hospital.   She is recovering but it will be a slow comeback.  So… I left Sunday early morning for our 3rd trip in 3 days to the city… a 3 hour drive there on a good day.  I then stayed the next 2 nights with her so really I wasn’t home or thinking Sunday photo that day!!

So here we are on Wednesday.  We’ve been hitting the 40’s since Sunday so by now… the fence is finally bare!

last of March photos Apr 2

There are still a few piles of snow on the north or east sides of banks; along the highway or our creek.  But most is finally gone!  Maybe the rain due soon will help the lawn and plants reawaken.   I did take a short walk in the city (residential area) on Monday and spotted 3 crocus leaves popping up in her courtyard where it is quite protected and not full of snow.

My month in numbers is due so hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon.

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Second Sunday of March

We remained cold all of last week, added 4 more inches of snow on Wednesday, and nothing melted.

March 9 BB

Today only allowed a bit of sun but the temperature was just 35’F or so.  We made an impromptu drive so I didn’t get a photo until 5 p.m.  I doubt that much melted today.  The rest of this week should make a difference in snow depth.  This is very unusual for March here.  We might have snow but not this much everywhere!

March 9 AB

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1st Sunday in March

March 2 B

Not quite what March usually looks like around here.  P is lamenting that he doesn’t ever remember this much snow being on the ground in March and underneath all the lament is the spring-fever of wanting & needing to get spring jobs — pre-planting — done.

He said there is a chance of some melting at the end of the week.  It is supposed to be in the 20’s!  I said that snow doesn’t melt in the 20’s but he said if the sun is strong it will.  So.  We hope.

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Winter Walk

Today I bundled up so that nearly every piece of me had on between 2 & 4 layers of clothing to talk a walk with my camera.   And then took off my mitten to operate the camera!  Yikes!!

(P has to check the hog waterers with a bare hand in water & ice every morning.  He had no sympathy for me.)

A mere -10’F wind chill near noontime.




Me & the snow bank (i.e. playing with traffic…)


The pine-tree-that-suffers looks pretty with the snow layer sticking to the branches.


Lightly dusted.

Nina & me b

She waited for me while I walked.  Good dog!

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Snow Blower

The state has now had to make the second trip out with the big snow blower.

Feb 7 2 B

Before this came this morning, the snow was only pushed off as far as the white line.  There is no shoulder.  Now they have another 2′ to push the next snowfall.

Which is due tomorrow.  But just 2″.  Just.


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Christmas Snow

JP arrived home for winter break on Friday midst freezing rain & ice.   More ice and then snow arrived on  Saturday night – Sunday morning.



Ice is now weighing down all the trees and bushes.


JP was drumming this weekend but soon it was evident that he wouldn’t make it there even in P’s truck.  Once the “stay home” decision was made, he had one plan.  New powder!  Home from lots of snow where he didn’t have the snowmobile.  Perfect day and thankful for extra heat on the snowmobile!



Look at it all covering his back!

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Winter Storm Report

Were you affected by this past week’s storm?

We had about 2″ of snow on Tuesday and knew more was yet to come.  By the time Phil went out for chores on Wednesday morning we really had it!

He measured in a big level area and had 13″ at 7 a.m. It continued to snow all day so we added  at least 3 more inches.  That is a lot of sn0w!!

It is a heavy wet snow so Phil said it was very hard to push.

Phil brought the loader tractor up and cleaned a bit at the house in the morning. Nina was having a wonderful time – the winter born puppy loves the snow!

Molly was just trying to walk!  She followed Phil’s tire path as she wanted him to let her in.  I was watching out the front door and she barely got out of the way as from this point, he backed up to get another scoop!  Yikes!! I felt like I was watching a train wreck in slow-motion.  Thankfully she only got pushed a bit and got out of the way.  I really didn’t want to see worse!

Phil worked outside for quite a long time trying to dig out enough to get his chores done.

At 9 a.m. the power went off after I had already had a few flickers.  Phil came in for breakfast and then he & JP headed out.  First they switched the loader to a tractor with a cab and then got the generator going about 10:40.  We ran the generator until 5:20 p.m. when the electricity returned.

With the generator, I can run the furnace on 1/3 power, we can use water (on a well, we lose pumping when the power goes out), and we could use our computers.   The TV worked fine so I did my Jillian Michaels’ workout but it wasn’t enough juice to use my sewing machine.  Something was wrong with THAT picture!!   However, I’m very thankful for the generator on days like that!

The roads were packed with ice & snow still on Thursday and after making my way to my haircut appt only 6 1/2 miles away, I decided that was enough!  Saturday the roads were much better!

Sunday the temperature was up above freezing so I shoveled a lot of snow off the driveway.  The loader only does so much.  Usually Phil will bring up the skid loader but he had too much other plowing to do.   At least now the porch and 90% of the driveway is clear.   Freezing rain is due next….

What did you get last week?  Rain?  How much snow?  The bitter cold & wind?

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Which Title?

I took this video out the kitchen window Sunday morning after our 5″ or so of snow.  Phil was out with Nina…. pitching snowballs from the side.  

No music…. I hope you don’t mind.  Usually it drives me nuts w/ music!

So we could call this Nina in the Snow

or Snowball Fight

or Why Joyce Won’t Have a Pretty Flower Bed This Year!

Here are BIG puppy paws –

puppy-paws11 week Great Pyrenees paws

Lovin’ on Molly –  heehee


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