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I mention selling my soaps & lotions at Lynn’s a few times a year so I thought I’d show you what her place is like.

lynn front

This is the front of her house which we don’t use for the sale.  However, this fall she had the Friends of the Library group selling pies, desserts, & drinks on the front porch.  I never got a chance to go see it, but she said it was beautiful with their tables & decorations.  They did very well and sold out of pies by 2!

She sets up a shop in the carriage house behind their home about 4 times a year and kindly lets me (& several others) sell our wares too.  In exchange, she gets a cut of our sales and we work a 4 hour shift to help with the check-outs.

lynn sign

Here is the view from the carriage house, looking at her back door. (Her dh is the wonderful gardener!)

lynn 1

Where you enter:

lynn 2

to the right of the entry:

lynn 3

I love that she lets me use this cabinet for my soaps & lotions!

lynn 4

And a few more shots so you can get a feel for the place:

lynn 5

lynn 6

lynn 8I think her prices are good.  A wreath like this is about $32.

lynn 9The big wreath to the left was $55.  The small basket (flat with handle) with arrangement on the left end of the white bench was $18.

The shop was open this weekend Friday – Sunday and will be open next Saturday.  We had good crowds when I worked on Friday afternoon and they were swamped all morning.

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A Soap Dish

An online guai friend (on guaifenesin protocol)  has a great business and I have to show you!

She recycles vinyl billboards into a myriad of items and look at the very cute soap dishes she has made!

First click HERE.

And HERE is an addition to the soap box so the soap can drain.

She also has soap totes that let your soap dry in the pouch.  How brilliant is that?

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Saturday’s Soap Demo

My Saturday went really well!  I’m pretty recovered today with a long to-do list that I’m working on.

The set-up for this day was super! They had a main session, then a time to choose one of 3 workshops, lunch provided (the part I had was yummy!), then 2 more workshop slots. The vendors were in tables around the outer edge of the room where the main session & lunch were held. 

We were able to sit in on the main session and that was an interesting discussion on local foods.  How to sell, how to buy.  

The first workshop they could choose included Roger who owns the grist mill in a neighboring ‘mill’ town.  We know them from church and had been to their open house a few years ago.   It was great to hear him talk about grinding wheat & corn on his mill since I’ve done a lot of reading on grinding grains and like to grind corn & wheat with my Whisper Mill.  

Roger did his talk from his display table near us so it was easy to listen in.  🙂   He had built the coolest mini model of his mill!  Amazing and with moving parts!

I was the first afternoon workshop. I only had an hour whereas the other demos I’ve done, I’ve had either 1 1/2 hrs or 2 hrs.  So I cut out the actual measuring of oils. I was at an hour and still waiting for a trace and to pour in the mold. They were all saying to keep going, it wouldn’t take them 15 mins to walk upstairs, etc.  

I finished.   And didn’t muff up my double swirl… .which I usually don’t do in public!  

The class had an extra fee but the organizer had it higher than I had suggested.  The fee covered that they got to choose a bar of soap, a wrapped & pretty ready to sell bar. It was on their registration but they were oh-so-excited!

THEN I had some ends they could choose from as well. (to make up the extra fee)  Someone asked this OR that and I said, ‘no both!’    And when there were still ends left in the box, I said to get a few more. They were over the top thrilled! 

Plus they really liked the teaching too.  They asked great questions and got up to look in my soap pot several times. Best class ever! (not counting my one-on-one.  )

They asked if my lotion recipes were in the packet.  I almost asked if I had “stupid” stamped on my forehead.  So they said they are campaigning for a lotion class next year.  I guess I didn’t make it clear MY recipe for soap wasn’t in their packet either. You know what would happen if it was… 

There were 4 of us there as vendors. Two of us led a workshop, too. I had super sales!! I knew there weren’t many registered AND they were having a silent auction, too. Where was all this money to come from? 

They were ALL over it!  I had over $230 in sales. JP helps at my table and actually did nearly all of it this time. I was there to help bag a few things and answer some Qs but he did it.  I’ll give him some commission from it. 

I didn’t see the final auction price, but was asked to donate something as my pay for having the vendor spot. I had a gm lotion and coordinating soap in a clear bag w/ nice bow. Value was $14.50 and the first bid I saw was $17.  It was money for the Master Gardner program. 

A great day and some new contacts I hope as well. 

I had my camera and was too busy to remember to take pictures of our table or my class.  😦  

I was interested in one of the silent auction items: a large violet plant.  When I looked before lunch the bid was only $2.   However, after lunch I never made it back to see and honestly, I wasn’t there to spend money.  😉  

But I did the happy dance as we were all cleaning up because…. they had collected the extra desserts for give away and then put 2 little violet plants there.  Hmm… me & my big mouth said if they needed a home, I’d take one.  The person was quite pleased with my interest, said I could have 2, and quickly delivered them to my table.  🙂  I am anxious to see their colors.  🙂  

I must continue on… a busy week here!

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Etsy Work

I’ve spent 5 hours working on my etsy shop today.  It isn’t full yet but at least I’m getting there.  

I have lots of soaps to go yet and I want to get my salicylate-free soaps up as soon as possible.  Plus the butter creams and MSM cream.  I never thought it would take so long to get photos ready and list everything.  Much longer than ebay listings I’ve done!

I want to share fun stuff with you but need to get this work done. 

Yesterday I got a BIG box as my The Quilt Show prize and I’ve only peeked… not unpacked it yet.  

I took the time to weigh Nina today…  TWENTY POUNDS!!!  She was 12 pounds 3 weeks ago when we brought her home.  Phil thinks she makes the same size footprint in the snow as Molly!

Just had to fill you in…. I’ll be back soon with more pictures!  🙂

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I’m stirring!!  As fast as I can!  🙂  (in my soap pot)

I’ve been working hard to build up my soap inventory in hopes of launching an etsy site in February.   I’m doing great and will be done with my list Wednesday a.m. if the UPS man arrives on time tomorrow.  

Next I’ll be making a few batches of salicylate-free soap for me and my other guai buddies.   (those on the guaifenesin protocol for our fibromyalgia)   I had decided in December that I was happy with the new formula I had created for us to use and would offer it to the public.  

Just last week there  was a discussion on the guai group support group list about homemade soap.  So another one has already joined in waiting for the etsy site.  🙂    (Here’s hoping the Sonlighters in line will be kind to her.  😀 )

To top it off — today I had a call from the County Extension office.  They are planning a day focused partly on the Master Gardner program and also on local businesses.  So I’m going to do another soap demonstration.  The extra positive here is that they are planning on each presenter having a table to sell their goods!!  Yeah!!  

The facility they are using is super (a large local church) and offers a great area for days like this.  

This will be my 3rd demo and the others have been a great way to get out & about and offer my products.   I enjoy teaching and being able to talk with customers.   I’m happy that this one will have a section set aside for our displays.    


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