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Before I went to the quilt show, I seriously wasn’t sure if I was more excited for the show & shopping or for seeing dear Elaine.  It was all wonderful!!  On top of it, I had a super-duper traveling companion, Sue.  🙂   She enjoys driving as much as I do and that was so nice to share the load.  She actually did a lot of driving and I loved it!

Sue & I were great companions; about the same style of shopping & quilt viewing.

For Friday lunch, we met up with some of my SL online friends.  They aren’t quilters but live in Paducah so I was thrilled with a chance to meet them!  {It was our SL day to honor, Megan, the daughter of one of our mutual friends who saw Jesus face-to-face just on Sunday after her long battle with leukemia.   Megan’s mom asked us to wear pink or purple that day.}

So here I am with Jessica & Lori… I’ve known them for so long but just met them here.  🙂

Here is just me… clogging up the downtown Paducah traffic!

Sue & I finally figured out that visiting the main convention center in the afternoon was much less crowded!  So I asked for another photo shoot.  Sue is sweet to oblige her more outgoing friend…

Seriously, someone needs a new haircut….

Only one take of this… I have no idea what is on the camera lens here…. :\

The Yo-Yo Club of Paducah!

On Friday afternoon, we were just ready to head to another building when a 20 minute thunderstorm broke out.  I’m sure there were cats & dogs falling out of the sky!  And we weren’t even in the temporary building at the time!!   So on our way to wander another area in the same building, we walked a new route and then had to back up to see these ladies!  The bills of their hats were adorned w/ tiny fabric yo-yo’s!!  And they were so cute!  Once we stopped to chat, they told us about their 4 member club and the vast amount of money they have raised for charity.

I have no idea if it they are open to new members but Sue & Elaine would love to join!!  I’ll just support them from the background as that would be too much hand-sewing for me.

My saddest part of the week… heading out of town and realizing I didn’t have any photos with Elaine.  😦  We were too busy visiting or eating to think of the camera in the few hours we had together.  I will fix that next year!!  ((hugs))

I must leave you with these thoughts….

A number of groups came in matching tshirts.  Whereas, it could have been helpful if Sue & I always wore the same color each day so when we’d look for each other we didn’t have to think what she wore today… there is NO way we’ll have matching outfits.  We are PAST kindergarten!!  🙂

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…  I will not join the Red Hat Society.  Oh. brother.   (I have more opinions on the matter but will refrain from printing them.)

And then… we have no idea what is going on here.  As a dear niece-in-law would say, “What were they thinking???”


I do plan to show you my loot from the week.  I started to take those photos this afternoon and the camera battery was dead!  It has lasted through all of the quilt show and numerous visits to the kitties.  It is now taking a break.

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Super Meet-up SL-style

I was up bright & early on Tuesday morning and for good reason!  I was joining with some friends I’d met before and some I’ve only known online for a meet-up!  We all have the connection of homeschooling our kids with Sonlight curriculum.  (Well, except that I’m retired but they still let me come!)  The forums that Sonlight provides are such a great sense of community.   It is a treat to be able to join a meet-up.  🙂

I packed my lunch and headed out at 7 a.m. in the rain & fog.  I stopped for a gas fill-up and continued on.  I hit pouring rain where I slowed to 50 mph and had the wipers on super-fast.  Ugh!!

I arrived at Sheila’s a bit after 8 a.m. and we continued on with Sheila and her dd, newly minted 9 y/o!  🙂

With great map reading by Sheila, we arrived at Naper Settlement about 9:30.  Yeah!  Sure not much traffic at that hour.  🙂

DSCF4766(I couldn’t resist this picture!  Moms enjoying getting to know each other.  Children not so thrilled!)

After a few minutes the rest of our crew arrived.  Sarah + 5 from Naperville, Leslie + 4 from CA, Judy + son from the burbs, Becca + 3 daughters from IN, Sheila + daughter, and me.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

DSCF4773The Moms

L-R: Sarah, Me, Judy, Leslie, Sheila, Becca

kids bestThe 14 kids – aren’t they so cute!

The Naper Settlement was really quite nice midst the drizzle that we had occasionally.  The workers were great at explaining their area and answered wonderful questions from any of us.


We went in the blacksmith’s shop where he made an iron hook, the print shop, the lawyer’s home, the post office, and a log cabin.  Then the kids loved playing on the covered wagon and at the fort.



We thought we’d aim for the schoolhouse 😉 but instead went in the meeting house.  Great!  There were lots of activities and toys for the kids while the moms all pulled up a child-sized chair or the step and sat to visit!!  🙂


It was fun watching the children role play and enjoy the dress-up clothes.


Sarah had taken her 2 youngest home earlier so after telling Judy & Becca good-bye, Leslie, Sheila, & I went to Sarah’s for lunch and more time to visit.

best kids 2

Sheila & I headed back home about 4.  The traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected until we came upon the back-up on the toll road because of an accident.  We traveled 3 miles in about 30 minutes.  All the while, Miss E in the backseat was wonderful!

I got them home at 6 and arrived at my house just after 7 p.m.

A 12 hour day!  🙂  It was fun but I was sure tired!!

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