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In between the stuff of life around here, I’m trying to get the tshirt quilt done.  My initial goal was to have the top all pieced by yesterday when my long-arm returned from a cleaning & oiling appointment.

I’m only this far —

I have this bottom corner to go yet and so far only have one partial seam!  🙂

In between Christmas & New Year’s we had new bedroom windows put in.  During part of that cleaning process (yes, Mom there IS carpet in my room!!  I found it!   😉  ), I found some of those 3′ sparklers hiding.   With our mild January days, JP lit them outside a few nights.  They’ve lost some umpf but are OK on a boring night.  Especially if you are a fire-bug.

Yesterday I brought home my machine from its spa days.  I was helping Phil carry it down to the studio and missed a step or stumbled or something.  😦   The machine is just fine as it was packed in the 3′ box with 6″ of molded styrofoam on every side.   Me, not so packed.

My right ankle turned and I sort of just crumbled with the machine in the middle and steps on the bottom.    Even my ears hurt last night.

I’m just home from the chiropractor this morning and even though it is only 18′ F outside, I have an ice pack on my back.  :\   Rest & ice and a return appointment on Saturday were the instructions.

So much for getting that quilt finished and loaded.  I’ll probably get in some more piecing later.

However, “Phil’s dog” (aka Nina) puked on the basement landing just before I headed to the chiro and he is not here to clean it up RIGHT. NOW.  This means the trip to the basement has lost a bit of appeal for the time being.   There is a newspaper cover in place.

Snow started about 6:30 a.m. (according to JP; I was still in bed!).  It is fine and light.  It is only sticking to the roads from the rest area on to the east.  How odd is that?  I’m staying in!

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