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Spring Wreath

A few weeks ago, Shelly had this great idea.

I told her that I thought there were old bed springs in the junk pile.  I asked sweetly to my hubby and he brought us 1 spring for approval of the Great Crafter Friend.

Shelly thought this would do.  And we both liked the price!

I requested 15 springs and “he” questioned the odd number.  I was just asking for a few extra.    😉   Soon I had a bag of 16 springs (15+sample) and we needed to plan a day to get together.

Time passed.

More springs appeared on my deck!   🙂

Finally, we gathered.

Shelly had the brains behind how this would work.  Thankfully my shoulder was better and we both worked at stretching out the springs!! Good Golly!!!

And then one time the spring sprung and spewed rust dust into my eyes….

We ended up making 4 wreaths tho the last one is a bit make-shift so it is still wondering its purpose in life.   😉  Wreath number 3 appeared on a friend’s doorstep that afternoon.   🙂

At home (and after much more time had passed….) I sprayed the wreaths with a sealer.   Then after looking in vain for additions to the wreath, Shelly once again rescued me and found a bird & the perfect ribbon for me.   I had burlap to share with her.

I wasn’t sure where to hang the wreath because I didn’t want it scratching my new doors.  I got out one of K’s old doors and gave it its porch home back for the spring.

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Sprung Spring

Well, spring has definitely sprung around these parts!


My crocus… an obvious sign

I have 2 clumps of these! Much bigger than last year.   🙂

All the trucks are here but no workers.  Phil & Bob are putting on anhydrous (stored in those white tanks) as fertilizer for the corn fields this year.  (My truck & JP’s are in the garage but there was the consideration of getting them out for the photo op!)

Phil started last Thursday.  He quit at 8:30 p.m.  The 2+2 tractor lost the clutch in the lower gears. (repair would be $4-5K, he thinks) The anhydrous tool bar needed some tweaking.  The chart for setting the drill for the oats is lost in the office piles of mess.  His GMC runs… occasionally.

The biggest evidence that spring has sprung —

Stress Level here….







Soon, I’ll be showing pictures of the office… all done!!   🙂  Moving back in happens occasionally….

We’ve reduced Molly’s seizure meds a bit (she hasn’t had a seizure since before Nina arrived.   😉  ) and she is up & about a bit more.  And she hears us better too.

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Spring looks like….



and this:


These were last Thursday.  I’m just not quick to get them up on here.  🙂  





And spring also looks and sounds like my very quiet and empty house tonight.  🙂

Excuse me now, I have a long to-do list.   And being online is NOT on the list.  😦

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