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Winter Views

She just loves, loves, loves the cold and snow.  I don’t want to even be out.  P just does what needs done and comes in.  The dog thinks ….. ‘ahhhh….. my perfect life….. here on top of the ice-encrusted snow…. just basking’.


Sometimes she aims her big nose right into the cold wind.  Just loving the cold air!

She does like to come in with me on the below zero days for a few hours.  Her big dog prints after our bit of the HUGE store to hit the east coast. (1/20) So glad we didn’t take all the snow before it got to the east!  🙂

Jan 20 B

Be shocked…. those mornings when the sun arises so late, I saw a sunrise!  I know people talk about them.  It just isn’t something I aim to see in my life.  😉

And one day I could see a cardinal from the computer all the way to the bushes.  There are berries that grow in there for them.  Another day I saw 2 females in the birch tree closer the house.  I finally found the bird feed and the bird feeder and have it outside.  I hope they find it.


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Some pictures…

This was forgotten on my camera… a great sunrise a week or so ago.  When we still had snow! (only the pile in the field remains…)


Today was up to 60′ and while I was taking pictures of Phil’s rack for K, JP & Nina were out for a walk.  Nina was so thrilled JP found a big stick for her.  And so mad later when the stick didn’t come in the house.  LOL!


She frequently choses to sleep UNDER the cabinets!  

fav-place-to-sleepToday included much more time outside.  🙂   She stays in the kitchen when she is inside but she is inside a lot sometimes!  We are going to work on that.  🙂

Phil found her UNDER the deck!  Awful mess… mud dripping from her paws.   We rinsed them off in the basement shower.  


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