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The farmer was asked if he could bring 2 hogs to a nearby Christian Camp for their “campfire” time.  Wednesday night was on the parable of the prodigal son.  I said to the farmer to take a sample of what we really feed them lest the kids believe what is on the internet that we feed them crap.  He didn’t.  They are fed fresh ground corn, soybean meal (turned to meal so they can digest it), and a packet of vitamins and minerals.  Nothing that we couldn’t go eat ourselves… if dry grits made our palates happy!  (not mine!)

We left at 8 p.m.   I followed in the Honda with my flashers on.  It wasn’t dark yet, but I always wonder if the 1st vehicle behind a tractor is WITH them as I do that often, so I put on my flashers so anyone would know they’d have to pass 2 at a time.

{{ Honestly, we didn’t have anyone behind us until coming home (in the dark) between the corner and our lane!  The first (stupid) passed in front of a hill where he couldn’t see what was coming, when we had left turn signals on!!   I made the 2nd stay behind but hogging the center line and tapping my brakes as he kept climbing up my back end.  #facepalm  }}

The sunset as I was ready to pull out of the lane at 8 p.m. was stunning!!

Even the sky to the EAST was lovely!!

The path to the campfire area was scenic but not trimmed for a tractor!  He had to wiggle to avoid breaking off his outer mirror and then once in that process hit a tree stump with a tire and about hurled the pigs back into my lap!  (exaggeration inserted!)

A few men had come earlier in the week to get gates and had set up a pen under a tent and loading shoot so he was able to back up there and unload.  The hogs were delighted with the cool damp grass that soon gave way to DIRT!!  🙂  Mud is cooling to their skin.

I brought him home and we left the tractor and trailer there.   We rested and then returned at 10 p.m.   Getting there about 10:15, the campers were walking back to cabins on this path so the farmer thought it best for us to park the car and walk back there!  Only 1/4 mile so it was doable and I had on lots of bug spray and pants by this time.

The hogs walked back on the trailer as if we did this every day!  Wonderful when it is past our bedtime but crazy rare in real life!!

The sky at camp about 8:30 after we had unloaded them.
A clear dark night when we came home.  We took a good 2 miles of gravel back road to stay off the highway as much as possible and he turned on the LED lights on the back then.  Between that  and the blaring flashing yellow lights he has… I was about dizzy/bug-eyed once we got home at 10:45!

Finally into bed at 11:15… exhausted.

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March Sunset

Many evenings in March have given us stunning colors in the west sky in the evening.  Finally I grabbed the camera and ran out for photos!  As you know… the photos don’t do it justice!

the 11th ~

sunset 1


the 16th ~
Mar 16 (1) b

And I had a few walks outside…..
The Farmer is working on the planter a bit at a time…. and these wimps think they need a cushion and to keep him company!

farm cats
He took this photo on his phone another day ~
cat in the box March b
And while I almost got a photo of the dog & me upclose with P in the background, the dog just doesn’t like selfies!!  So P came to help me…. and we have a family of 3 photo!  This was the best I could get.  Such a goofy dog!

March 2016 b

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I was getting supper ready and saw what a lovely sky!!  Out my east window!  With a moon rising!



If the sunset is pretty enough to reflect all the way around from the west, the actual sunset must be stunning.  Love my open sky concept!



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Sunday Sunset

All of a sudden the living room glowed purple and I ran outside to get photos.  Barefoot.  In the sprinkles.  Battery dying.





The camera just doesn’t capture how colorful the sky was that night!

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It’s Fall!

I’m not a fan of this season or the next but here are some photos I’ve snapped lately of life around here.

The dirt in the air from the farmers working the fields makes for stunning sunsets!  I’m loving the fountain grass – thanks to K & JP for ‘getting’ me some a few years ago.  🙂

I actually got Nina to sit here and stay while I came behind for this photo.  I wish I had the knowledge to take better sunset photos.  It was really pretty!  She cracked me up on this one. Stayed looking away from me until I called her.  🙂

Phil is knee-deep in harvest.  Soybeans are done, wheat is drilled and coming up, corn is in process.  The new drying system is going fine and he only runs it during the day. 🙂   I’ve gotten used to the drying system starting up… JP & I think it sounds like an ambulance is HERE!

We got rained out on Wednesday morning but they were able to get going again on Friday.   Sometimes these little breaks are good so that Phil can get some pig work done and catch his breath a bit.

Nina LOVES truck rides!  And this time of year, I don’t mind the company.  She is a good listener.

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Summer Sunset

Last night while waiting for JP to come home from worship team practice and K & her friend C to come for an overnight visit…  all the sky was lit with this beautiful sunset!

Thru the pine trees —

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October Sky

There is just something about the Midwest sunset in the fall.  Lots of farmers out making lots of dust makes for better colors!

October 21, 2010

Just loving my fountain grass — thanks JP & K!  🙂

Even the eastern sky was colored!

And a sleepy hello from Nina ~

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Backtrack to Saturday

I finally started on my new winter outfit last Saturday.   I meditated on the pattern and how I’d alter it for many days previously!

I was so happy when I cut out the pattern pieces that the flounce down the front/ collar HAD lines for shortening it!  I needed to shorten the jacket but wondered how that would affect the flounce.  Ta-Da the designers thought of that too!  😉

Cutting it out:


The jacket has a peplum hence those pattern pieces #7 & 8 that you may question how they fit in a jacket.  

Reminding myself once again why I buy extra fabric when shopping at JoAnn’s!  They have big thumbs and short.you.every.time.  


I either purchased a 1/4 or 1/2 yard extra, shortened the pattern pieces, and still barely had anything left.  

The sunsets here are stunning sometimes!


And then seconds later:


I have only sewed a bit on the jacket.  The fronts & backs are together.  Next is assembling the lining.  I bought light burgundy/dark pink lining!  🙂  I realllly need to work on sewing tomorrow.  

Most of my week this week has been strangled with prep for my quilt guild board meeting.  {It was Wednesday afternoon and I survived!  :-p}  I had hopes of sewing today but filled a soap order, cleaned the kitchen, and made dinner this morning instead.  

And I’ll tell you something special, tho not quite a secret,… the program chairperson for quilt guild is planning fabulous programs for 2009!!  You should come!

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