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This is how my April stacked up in numbers.  Join me in joining Julie’s Month in Numbers.

1 – Month in Numbers just totally ditched!  (March – you were a mess here!!)  Sorry, Julie!

Very few hours of sitting… it hurts to sit but I’m finally to the point that I can stand to type so that is helping.

205 – minutes of swim time at the pool.  (missed some days)

0 – days of planting crops!  Prayers needed!  Rain is great and temperatures are not-great.

1 – very old UFO quilt top finished!  It is about 90″ x 90″ and is all from scraps that I already had.  (nearly free!)  Yes, I know it sings the 80’s and 90’s but they aren’t bad all together in a pieced pattern.  The top is now all pieced waiting for my own turn on my long-arm.  🙂   I’m just fine with waiting.  I have another UFO resurrected to assemble the blocks in my off-hours.

black & pink top b

90 – miles driven to purchase a used seed tender

1 – extra hour to pull home the seed tender!  (back roads and slow mph while pulling)

1 – used tractor purchased but not delivered yet (Friday is the last report)

100 baby pigs born.  So very thankful, especially considering how our March went in many areas.

1 book reception and the author is a friend that I met online – we don’t see each other enough!  “Invisible Illness, Visible God” — Hope is My Anchor  Great strengthening & encouraging book!

M & J Apr 12 C

1 Easter holiday with the 2 kids and 2 in-laws here for Sunday

22 hours with K and 4 days with JP for Easter!

And that is my April in Numbers… I’m so glad you stopped by and even more thankful for your comments.  😉


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At guild this week, we were to take a UFO to share.  A UFO in this sense is an UnFinished Object.   Most quilters have a “few”.  LOL – lots usually!!

I took my Sonlight quilters block exchange from 2009.  Our leader suddenly died in the middle of the project so I took over the “exchange” part. I mailed them out the beginning of 2010 and have not put  mine  together yet!  Boo for me!!

Just in June, I bought the coordinating fabric we all had to use in our blocks so I can use some in the borders.  I printed out 3 of my ideas for layouts and asked for their help.  I didn’t get much advice so will continue sometime on it on my own.  I felt so smug and knew JUST the layout I wanted to use.  Until I realized I could only use 12 blocks and I have 15.  Well, I’ll have 15 once I make Char’s block which hasn’t been done yet either!

I don’t have a photo of my blocks laid out (maybe that would help…) but here is back in Jan 2010 when I was sorting my 15 piles —

The brown print used in the center of these blocks was our common fabric.  We could add any other fabric and made 15 blocks that are 12″ finished.   Mine continue to sit.    I WILLLLLL get to this!  🙂

A friend at guild took this Grandmother’s Flower Garden that is done by hand with English Paper Piecing.   Oh so cute and the hexagons are SOOOO tiny!!

The program chair organized the program by us and this is one she brought.  Many generations have worked on it using scraps.  (I think that is what she said…)  No one in my area knew this pattern. Do you?  It is like a farm windmill.  It is definitely done in quarters as the center circles aren’t perfectly round; they all fan out like the blades.

These were the only photos I took but it was quite fun seeing the myriad of UFOs that others brought in.  Some we decided could stay unfinished!    🙂

I forgot to mention last month that this guild is having a quilt show in October (no, my challenge piece is in my head and NOT started yet!!  :tears:).   This is not the raffle that I’m heading up for my local guild, but I do have tickets available for this raffle quilt.  It is queen size and made from 1930’s reproduction fabrics.  Tickets are the usual $1 each or 6 for $5.   Let me know if you’d like any.   I can do it via mail or in person.

The members of the guild could submit blocks last year but I was still new and didn’t participate in making blocks.   But I’ll be at the show, probably a few times, if you want to ride along.  I’m still trying to decide about having a quilt or 2 appraised.  Number 2 appraisal could be my challenge quilt but we’ll see.   Have you done that before?  I never have but now have no idea which one to have done.

Please fasten your seat belt as the whirl of August has begun!

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