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White Dog or Not?

Is the farm dog white and clean?


Or does she….


go wading/swimming on a 55’F day (real feel was 43′ though)



in February?  (whoa!!! Such a heat wave!  When does that happen here??)


Or does she mostly go digging and come inside at supper time like this?  (she didn’t stay in the kitchen after photos!)







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January Air

This morning out our west window— frozen fog for the air.

8:30 a.m.

1 16 morning B 1

About an hour later, a bit of sunshine is breaking through.

116 morning B 2

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Finally Home

We tried yesterday to make the trip from dnephew’s wedding to home.   High winds & bitter cold were making driving a struggle.  We had our last chance of hotels before hitting no-man’s land and took one.    Got some lunch, kept the leftovers, stopped at Targette’ for fruit & bottled water, & hunkered down with Country Inns at 2:30 in the afternoon.  

We both had naps.

Only went downstairs for plastic silverware and had them heat up some leftovers for supper.  

And then bedtime.  🙂  

This morning while getting dressed I found a movie on TV on the life of Beatrix Potter!! Have you seen it??  It will be arriving soon from Netflix.  How darling!!!

This morning we were doing a quiet happy dance when the car started right away.   We waited inside while the car warmed up!   Breakfast nearby and in a few hours we were home. 

Seeing the drifts along the highway today we knew we wouldn’t have made it much farther yesterday.   

Ugh!  Winter!

More snow due tonight and more tomorrow.   

Which means….

I may even get presents wrapped, a Christmas letter written (but won’t make it out to buy stamps…), and some pictures on the blog.  Aren’t you lucky!  😉 

Just so you have a picture…

Last week the old family Christmas cactus started to bloom.  I got a small bit from dh’s family reunion in the summer of 2007.   So happy it gave me some blooms!!  They are pinkish with a bit of salmon.   (My hot pink Christmas cactus bloom regularly for Thanksgiving so are nearly done now.)



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Yes, the stuff falling out of the sky after church today was WHITE.  E-Gads!!


I’m back…. less than 30 mins later…. one could call it snowballs coming down.  I think it would be hail.  Yikes!

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