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My Weekender Tote

I’m putting my Amy Butler Weekender tote to good use this week as I travel to see a dear friend.  We’ve been close for over 4 yrs and this is our first meeting in real life.  I’m writing this before I leave and just can’t fathom the joy of seeing her and giving her a real hug after all this time!

I added an inside pocket sewed down the middle to make 2 smaller sections.   Now if I had been thinking I would have measured my tablet and scootched the dividing line over a few inches to hold the tablet.  Hindsight is so clear!!  I figured this out after all was said & done and I started to pack.  Instead there are Dove chocolates and a small hand-sewing kit in them.

I also added the zipper to one of the outer pockets.  I pulled from my memory and added the false bottom but used a piece of shower wall liner cut to size.  (and then promptly added one to my tan purse. too!)   {Go to your local big-box hardware store and ask for the shower liner.  Not a curtain but the stuff you could put up on the walls surrounding the shower.  They have flat 4′ x 8′ pieces.  It can be rolled for ease of carrying and just cost me $15.  It will last me  a very long time!  Local friends can have a piece for their next bag.}

I love the bag… I nearly hated making it.  It isn’t hard but it is a hassle and a lot of work with the layers to stiffen it and the piping… oh!  and did I mention the zipper around and down.

If you’ve read here for very long, you know nearly ever purse of mine gets a coordinating clutch.  Well, I have my purse with me so really this large tote doesn’t need a clutch.

But  I made one anyway!   This one a small gift for my friend that matches the fabrics of mine.

I’ll be back to tell you about the trip soon.  But give me a chance to catch my breath and help with the college packing!

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I still have a ton more photos to sort before telling you about our family reunion last week.  AND… I have places to go & people to see before I can just sit and do that.

However —

this beautifully wrapped package —

contains —

to be used with —

and tips from here  —

and here —

Will all add up to help me to get to Houston.  😀  In 18 days!!!  😀

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