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Wheat Harvest

The end of June brought the harvest of our wheat.  The yields for the wheat were fantastic… too bad we didn’t have the glass ball to foresee planting more wheat last fall.  The harvest was about 4 weeks early.

Every year it is still so amazing to see the “amber waves of grain” against the corn & soybeans that neighbor the field.

Bob was in the combine and Phil was there to haul the loads.  Not often do I get them both together for a photo.

Phil just had filled another semi load of wheat which is heading out here.

Of course, the spot-price for the remaining bushels was much higher than the price he locked in earlier.

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Out for a Walk

Nina and I took a much bigger walk today than our normal few loops around the bins & yard.  

Wanna see what we saw?


At puppy class, we were told to always walk them on the same side.   Choose a side and the puppy would learn to walk on that side. 


I chose the left side because JP takes her out a lot and he is left-handed.   The last several times I have had her out, she chooses my left.  Very cool!  🙂


On another day, I was carrying a bag for the dumpster so only had the leash in my right hand and not crossed over to my left hand.  She immediately went behind me to the left.  I had to juggle my trash and get the leash switched.  

In that picture above, you can see her broken leash.  You know… the one I just bought on Wednesday that came with the lifetime guarentee that she chewed through on Friday!!  


We went east from the house, passed the brown shed, and across the creek on the dry ground (called a waterway at this point), and then headed south.  

Stayed mostly in the grassy area since the corn field had fertilizer.   Then around a bend…


Heading west behind the barn.

apr-11-6A few pigs looked out at us.


We went by Phil’s wheat field.  Looks good!


apr-11-7A few new shoots of grass coming up in the creek.



Heading back we crossed the creek and I showed Nina the fresh spring water.  She liked it!!  🙂  Slurp!!  She drinks so much it seems compared to Molly who hardly ever drinks or eats when we are around.   

A wonderful day for a walk.  Mid-50’s a light breeze.  I had on a sweatshirt jacket and that was good.  

Later, I finished putting together the top for my guild April Nickel Square Challenge.  Next I need to mark the quilting.  I have a week to finish… doing pretty good!

Phil has just brought in the tractor from applying anhydrous.   8:45 p.m.  The start of the late nights.

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