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White Dog or Not?

Is the farm dog white and clean?


Or does she….


go wading/swimming on a 55’F day (real feel was 43′ though)



in February?  (whoa!!! Such a heat wave!  When does that happen here??)


Or does she mostly go digging and come inside at supper time like this?  (she didn’t stay in the kitchen after photos!)







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Winter Views

She just loves, loves, loves the cold and snow.  I don’t want to even be out.  P just does what needs done and comes in.  The dog thinks ….. ‘ahhhh….. my perfect life….. here on top of the ice-encrusted snow…. just basking’.


Sometimes she aims her big nose right into the cold wind.  Just loving the cold air!

She does like to come in with me on the below zero days for a few hours.  Her big dog prints after our bit of the HUGE store to hit the east coast. (1/20) So glad we didn’t take all the snow before it got to the east!  🙂

Jan 20 B

Be shocked…. those mornings when the sun arises so late, I saw a sunrise!  I know people talk about them.  It just isn’t something I aim to see in my life.  😉

And one day I could see a cardinal from the computer all the way to the bushes.  There are berries that grow in there for them.  Another day I saw 2 females in the birch tree closer the house.  I finally found the bird feed and the bird feeder and have it outside.  I hope they find it.


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February Sunshine

Monday after the storm we had a sunrise!  Blue skies and sunshine were a good change from Saturday & Sunday!

More photos from out my windows.

7:30 a.m. —
0730 (1)

The snow fence is full which is its job so that is good.


0730 (3)

0730 (4) B


10:00 a.m. —


1000 (3)

The main plowing here is just starting.  Livestock were cleared & fed first.  Then P got breakfast.  Then he went to find the lane and the mailbox.  After lunch, he dug for the not-so-smart driver on the corner that was stuck since 1 p.m. Sunday (person was rescued… car is not and another day has passed), his parents, the neighbor, and more of our farm.


1000 (2) B

She loves the snow.  This snow has a hard layer on top… she isn’t breaking through this drift!  ha!  After lunch I found her laying in the sun… on top of snow.  Bliss… to her!


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January Air

This morning out our west window— frozen fog for the air.

8:30 a.m.

1 16 morning B 1

About an hour later, a bit of sunshine is breaking through.

116 morning B 2

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Fourth Sunday of March

Honestly, I thought this little theme of watching spring arrive in March was going to be more interesting than this!

March 23 B


Yes, we had some days of sun in the last week that worked a bit on snow melt.   I even had 2 days of in the 40’s to walk outside and help blow away my cold.  (Yes, feeling better this weekend.)  But still we are looking at snow and a brown yard.  

March 23 rose bush B

One time out, I paid special attention to my rose bushes as my dBIL was giving me advice on their care.  The bushes have a lot of buds waiting to come (and so do the nearby fire bushes) but they will continue to wait.   

This morning it was 17′ F when P went out for chores and this week barely has days above freezing.  Winter continues.  

P is hopeful for spring – one tractor is in the shop and besides getting the imminent problem fixed, it is getting ready for a hard-working spring.  He has his eyes out for another tractor to replace a smaller one.  And he has spent time working on the planter.  I have no idea what he has done so soon with the planter but he is getting ready.  Surely, spring will come at some point!  

I’m not sure the photo will change much by our 5th Sunday but I’ll aim to post again and we’ll see all 5 weeks in progression.   

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Third Sunday of March

The northeast wind howled against my window all night and we awoke to a lot of snow blowing parrallel to the ground.   Now in late afternoon, it is still very windy but sunny.

March 16B

I never went outside today so this is from my living room window.  We have been hit by the winter bug.  P got it last Saturday and I got it Thursday.  I am not feeling any better.  P got a bit of energy back on days 6 & 7 but is really worn out in the evenings.   JP has had it 2 weeks and came home today for not much R&R over spring break.

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Second Sunday of March

We remained cold all of last week, added 4 more inches of snow on Wednesday, and nothing melted.

March 9 BB

Today only allowed a bit of sun but the temperature was just 35’F or so.  We made an impromptu drive so I didn’t get a photo until 5 p.m.  I doubt that much melted today.  The rest of this week should make a difference in snow depth.  This is very unusual for March here.  We might have snow but not this much everywhere!

March 9 AB

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1st Sunday in March

March 2 B

Not quite what March usually looks like around here.  P is lamenting that he doesn’t ever remember this much snow being on the ground in March and underneath all the lament is the spring-fever of wanting & needing to get spring jobs — pre-planting — done.

He said there is a chance of some melting at the end of the week.  It is supposed to be in the 20’s!  I said that snow doesn’t melt in the 20’s but he said if the sun is strong it will.  So.  We hope.

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Winter Walk

Today I bundled up so that nearly every piece of me had on between 2 & 4 layers of clothing to talk a walk with my camera.   And then took off my mitten to operate the camera!  Yikes!!

(P has to check the hog waterers with a bare hand in water & ice every morning.  He had no sympathy for me.)

A mere -10’F wind chill near noontime.




Me & the snow bank (i.e. playing with traffic…)


The pine-tree-that-suffers looks pretty with the snow layer sticking to the branches.


Lightly dusted.

Nina & me b

She waited for me while I walked.  Good dog!

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Snow Blower

The state has now had to make the second trip out with the big snow blower.

Feb 7 2 B

Before this came this morning, the snow was only pushed off as far as the white line.  There is no shoulder.  Now they have another 2′ to push the next snowfall.

Which is due tomorrow.  But just 2″.  Just.


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