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Wrong Way Binding

On Saturday, I cut the bias binding for the tree skirt.  Yes, you’ve missed a lot of WIP photos on that one… sorry but we’ll catch up once it is done.  The strips were even longer than my 36″ ruler and mat so it took much shifting and adjusting.  I do continuous bias binding but in the process of that, I rotary cut the strips to within 3 or 4″ of the edge (final seam) so that when in the tube there is only a bit left to cut yet.   I prefer that but really the whole process is a wrestling match most times!

Sunday gave me the chance to sew it on.  I think this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!

wrong way binding

This is the wrong way to handle the inside points of the scallops so back to the ripper and back to my reference, Happy Endings.  One of my long-time stand-bys for all things binding!


Now all 12 scallops have binding sewn on, the opening edges where I could do the start/stop join and breathe a bit, and the inner circle.  The inner circle nearly proved to be worse than the inside points of the scallops!  I have it clipped and ready for my hand-needle.

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