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Here is the rest of my test quilting… aka doll quilts… (if so desired).  Hand-dyed fabrics, wholecloth, my design, practice with some new rulers, and testing battings.  Part 1   Part 2  

Nothing is perfect and I’m OK with that… they are practice pieces… I know that… so I know there are errors.  I’m OK with that so I hope you are too.  They sat around waiting for finishing.  (imagine that!)  Now they are finished, bound, and washed & dried.


One quilt (L) has a layer of Hobbs 80/20 batting and 2 layers of Legacy wool batting. The other quilt (R) has just 2 layers of Legacy wool batting.


I used Legacy wool because I had it.  I won’t buy it anymore. I much prefer Hobbs 100% wool batting.  Mostly because it took 2 layers of Legacy to make 1 layer of Hobbs in my opinion.   OK… Hobbs is a great brand of batting all over!

I can see the wool only quilt has a bit more poof to it and is a lighter feel.  For my future plans, I’ll stick with just the wool when I want that look.



Usually I do a wholecloth quilt more heavily quilted but I didn’t feel the need on practice pieces for play.


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