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I was also excited to have a class by Claudia Pfeil from Germany!   The class I took from her was my only hands-on on the long-arm.   It was also on borders & sashing.

Claudia taught us the new ideas at a marker board and then we moved to the machines.  The machines in this room were Noltings and I don’t need to use one again.  :cough:

There were 2 machines per frame and 2 students per machine.  (I think 2 students had their own spot.) I was stationed in the back row seen here but my partner is quilting now.  We had an area of our own marked off and then did a design across our pretend border and took turns.

There were only 3 of us on our frame so when it was time to advance to a new area, we divided into 3 sections so had more space for each of us.   At the end of the class, we unloaded the “quilt” and cut our pieces apart.  Another good example for me to keep.

Claudia would quilt an example on someone’s piece and the first person asked her to sign it with thread!  Well, all of us wanted that so she took turns quilting on our samples and signing them.  Fun!   My partner got a big area done by Claudia that is just gorgeous!

I was thrilled to meet Claudia and feel I have a new friend.    I will take another class with her next year as I learned a lot.  It was hard since the class was 1 – 5 p.m. and about 3:00, I just melted.  After a snack of cottage cheese that I had with me, I felt revived a bit.

After class, I went back to my room to unload my bag and get another snack to last me until a late supper.  The quilt show & vendor hall were now open so I wasn’t sure when I’d get supper.   More on the show later….

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