No Pancakes

For many years P & JP went to pancake day.  But JP grew up and moved on and will be discussing Modern Physics (ie Physics 3) this morning.

For several years R has gotten to go along.  Those men would have a wonderful time dreaming of spring days and working together again and catch up on all the winter stories and well….. eat pancakes!  In fact, they had a lot of fun!!
So R’s dear wife asked if any women went.    And I thought that yes, we wives should go. We have cabin-fever too.   I’m sure I could have some good ol’ sausage to at least be called a breakfast.  And then double the amount of coffee for my friend since I don’t drink it.  Win-win for both of us.

But R & his DW had conflicts for pancake day today.  *sigh*   I’ll  have to take her out for a nice ladies lunch.  :)

And my P came in this morning and went straight to his office, with the phone book, and sat in the chair.  :(

We have a leaking pipe by the shed.  The well-type underground water person has just arrived.

And the dog wanted to go help when the worker arrived.

mar 5 B

P wanted to say on the phone to just bring the backhoe on your first trip.  He didn’t.  And then he left.  Another day he’ll be back to fix the leaking pipe or broken lines or whatever happens underground in between there and the well and probably bring the back-hoe.

P came back in to a warm & friendly greeting.
mar 5 A

He even made it back inside in time for us to go get pancakes AND make it to his other time spot as well.  But he already had quickly eaten breakfast at home while waiting impatiently for the well-type underground water person to come.

Today = no pancakes for any of us.  Did you get pancakes?

One Chair

Last night P helped with putting the foam, batting, and fabric on one chair seat.    He showed me how to use the air nailer — which is way cool and easier than I expected.  I can do it on my own if I am willing and have the time when he isn’t here.  (what else can I nail???)

P1030045 B

However, I learned the hard way that I should have wiped down the chairs after the Old English scratch repair as it dried gummy.  :\   I can use 0000 steel wool and get off the gummy without damaging the finish.  I’ll do that next for all the chairs and then return to the upholstery.

P1030047 B



P1030044 B


*sing along…. Someday my floor will change…*

Layer Cake Additions

When the gov’t calls a legal holiday, I have a quilting friend with the day off!  :)  Lunch out, a good drive, a quilt shop or clothing store or many of the above, and lots & lots of chat.  It is great!

This trip I had 2 layer cakes (already purchased) that needed companion fabrics and my friend said one store had a lot of batiks and brights.  The store was beautiful!!  And quiet.  And great inventory! And I spread out all over.  Left them money and came home with 2 packets for future quilts, all ready to go.

yellows and greens various sized prints with a splash of dark green

Yellows, darker greens, browns, and near white with a “background” of grayish white and splash of brown/black.  Dynamic!

pinks & purples & blues with a splash of gold B

Pinks, blues, purples in batiks with a “background” of violet and splash of gold with purples.  I knew that color-wise a yellow would be a good compliment but I sure wasn’t sure I’d ever find it.  Pleased with this stop in Monticello!

Do you separate your precuts when you buy them?  I keep them wrapped up until I’m ready to use them.   My friend got a new charm pack while we were out and immediately spread it out when we got home.  So funny when we realized that!

Another Monday

It is a slow-start Monday.

I shut the water off in my shower at 7:54 this morning. I know that because that is the exact time my doorbell rang, rang, and rang. I didn’t change a thing. I dried at my usual pace and finished my time in there.

Then I came to the computer, totally blocked from view by the door, and checked my camera. Yep. Someone in insulated coveralls, hat, hoodie, & gloves was at my door at 7:54.  A few minutes before he had walked part way down the lane.  Then he came to the house.  And walked back to the highway.

I called the farmer but he usually can’t hear his phone during chores.  In the winter.  Beneath his insulated coveralls.  In his pocket.  I know that.  But he called me back when he could. That is how it works.

When he was done with chores he helped with the blown tire at the end of the lane.

February is so bare.  Someday this tree will bloom — first some small ferny leaves and then it gives us clusters of orange berries.  Gpa M knows the name of it.  Years ago, Gpa bought 2 of these and planted one here for JP to tend.  The deer ate off Gpa’s tree.  I think he is jealous of our tree.

Feb 23 B

Good morning, Monday!

Habitat Restore Finds

Some friends had told me about finding a Habitat for Humanity shop and I finally got to visit one.   It is about 1:15 away but it was a fun stop!

I had a list: end table, night stand, another night stand, mirror and even had my tape measure for getting the correct sized mirror and night stand.  None of that was found or purchased!

I fell in love with this lamp in the first row but wandered the whole store before I got a cart.  It was still there and I still loved it.  So pleased with this purchase!  I have other projects on the to-do list so I won’t get to this for awhile.  But maybe I should clean it before my EE comes home so that he can rewire it for safety and my purpose.

lamp B

It is about 3′ tall and the more I look at it, I think maybe it could have come from the outside entrance of a church instead of a huge home.  It is big!  The plan is to hang it on a living room wall and Miss K agreed and had the perfect spot to suggest.

It is brass-plated.  I’m not after a shiny brass so will just aim for clean and not sparkly.

I also found this metal something.  There was a label but not on the item so I think maybe it was taped to the floor.  So now only going from limited knowledge of it to start with… some metal cutting device but nothing is sharp.  It is about 4′ long.


This is the only photo I have of the to-be quilt rack.  My purchases in the back of the car.  Excited!

The plan with this is to clean off the rust as best I can and spray with primer and chrome paint.  If necessary, either of my welders will cut off what isn’t needed so I can use this as a quilt rack in Mr. JP’s room.  Aiming for accessories in chrome and/or electrical for his room.  (And yes, there is a wall quilt planned … no frilly, but colors to go and modern design.  Not today or probably this season.)

This could have satisfied me for the outing but I added stops for lunch, odds & ends needed, 2 new houseplants :) , and a hot decaf mocha for the way home.

Wholecloth Baby Quilt

Wholecloth, my hand-dyed fabric, my design, freehand quilting, … is there more to say?

20150209_112358 B02

For a sweet great-nephew who has been waiting awhile for his quilt.

Feb 2015 01 B

100% cotton top, 100% Hobbs cotton batting, 100% cotton flannel on the back.  So warm & cuddly as I hand-sewed the binding down in the evenings.


And he seems to like it!  :)

Feb 2015 02 B

Who Loves Winter?

She does.

Nina mid Feb 01 B

The snow drift has gotten a lot smaller but it seems she likes that spot for guarding.

Nina mid Feb 02 B

She heard me through the window and turned!

Nina mid Feb 03 BShe really doesn’t like her photo taken.  And when she is inside, she is usually sound asleep.


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