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She’s MOVING!!

Yes, by this weekend K will have a new room

in a new building,

AND a new job!!!

Late on Friday, the head of Residence Life called and said they needed another RA. Because of more students this fall at SAIC, they have rented floors from a nearby college and will be moving students there this week. (I think there have been some cozy rooms so far!)

Yesterday she met with the head of Residence Life and the head of the other building. They answered her questions and she agreed to take the position. They were so happy to have her on board.

K is moving to the other regular housing building. (Not the building at the other college.) She has loved her old building and that has always been the first pick but this is right for now.

Phil & I will go in and help with moving on Sunday probably. The cleaning crew is to be there on Friday but their schedule can’t always be relied on for making our schedule.

K will have one floor in her care and one of her friends is a senior RA and lives on that floor! Her room will be much bigger than any of the other SAIC rooms she has occupied.

And there is sunshine IN her room… southern exposure windows will sure help the Windy City Winter Chill!

Now we need to learn new streets!


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