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New Room

By evening the kitchen was all unpacked and we had places to sit….

I’m in the middle of the kitchen here, just inside the door.

From kitchen, either up the ladder to the loft or in the bathroom. Her bathroom here is huge! I counted tiles… 5 1/2′ by 7′ and then the tub & shower.

Phil got the TV hooked up so rested with a movie.

K had just bought this tapestry to decorate one wall. Cover that drab white! This is her living area. The doorway you see is the kitchen area.

We are glad she has space to breathe here and a view to the south with sunshine streaming in the windows! She is going to set up her work & sewing area behind the couch & TV area. She had gotten such nice moving boxes, some will be turned into tables in the corners with fabric draped over them.

By Monday evening she had the closet all organized and was getting to other boxes. (Besides 2 classes, another training meeting, getting supplies for Tuesday {Sculptured Headwear}, making lunch & supper.)


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