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Moving Day or…

My Morning in the Alley

Well, that’s what it felt like! We arrived at K’s at 9:30 Sunday morning to move her 2 blocks.

The old building alley. The line of dumpsters is at the bottom of the picture but I tried to make it look nicer. Typical alley.

So while Phil & K loaded the carts and brought them down to load in the truck…. I sat on the tailgate or in the truck or standing in the alleyway people watching.

Up the side of her old building.
Her room was 6th floor and the view… out to the alley.

New building alley. Building has a loading dock off the alley so that had us out of the way. Not that many were out early Sunday morning. This is used as a walkway from parking to a theater so it is clean and bright.

To the west

Filling the carts to go up to the new room.

First load, second trip, need to get carts… so “let’s carry odd stuff around to the front door.

Here I sit….

And then…

Only a few things were left and Phil decided the futon frame wasn’t going to go in the truck w/o being taken completely apart. This much done in 2 hours. K had had everything packed in boxes already. Most of the time was riding elevators and packing the truck oh.so.great. so more stuff fit.

So we parked the truck and went for lunch. After lunch, Phil & K loaded up the last cart load. Phil mostly did the pulling, K guided behind, and I just walked.

Imagine that down a busy Chicago sidewalk! K had done 3 loads like this by herself on Saturday. Another RA moving to the new building moved her room like this all.by.herself. I felt bad for her!!

Beautiful fall day with bright blue skies.

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