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High School Lapbooks

JP chose to make lapbooks for his 4-H fair presentations. He has learned in years past that a lapbook packs a punch with a lot of information and an unusual presentation.

This year he had 2 general projects that required a presentation as part of the conference judging. Both Computer Science and Small Pets received Champion Ribbons. Computer Science also received a State Fair ribbon.

For his lapbooks, we come up with the booklet ideas together (brainstorm) and then he writes up the info on the computer. We again brainstorm on the best presentation depending on the material. I help with the layout of various books or brochures. He arranges the writing, adds pictures if necessary, and creates the title. After he prints each specific booklet, I’m the paper cutter.

When all the booklets are ready, we have a production line on the front porch! He gets all the supplies outside and I bring the folder and booklets. He sprays the back of each one and I place it in its home spot.

Front cover for Pet Parrots. He loved using a computer program to design the cover!

He has 2 Senegal Parrots that were the focus of this lapbook.

Here is the inside of the Pet Parrot lapbook. There are 2 brochures, a flip-up map, a tab book of species, and 2 pictures.

This shows each part opened.

You can click on any picture to see it bigger.


The cover art for his Building A Computer lapbook began with a picture of a CD. Can you see that in the design? I was impressed!

Inside on the yellow part are cards listing the parts he bought to build his computer along with the price paid. We did this shopping September 2007 on our way to visit K. Uncle Bruce had given JP the heads up to look for a Fry’s store and sure enough, one was on our way!

The yellow part flips up to reveal more cards with parts that he bought. When the yellow flap is up, it reveals a picture of the inside of JP’s computer with the parts labeled.

The left blue flap holds 2 booklets and the right flap holds 2 brochures he wrote.

The challenge presented to JP from Phil was if he could get the parts of under $500, Phil would pay! He used a Win XP operating system he already had and the old monitor & keyboard. He came in just over $300.

It took him a total of 4 hours to install all the parts, get the operating system installed, and all the drivers downloaded.


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