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4-H Hog Show

While the generator runs for another spurt & JP gets a shower, I’ll hop on here.

Yesterday before JP & Gpa headed out:

Heading to the fairgrounds! See the nice TALL corn….

Before the storm… JP showing one of his barrows. His only prize all night was a 1st place middleweight barrow. Bummer.

After the storm, we resumed the show….
With only a generator running the center show-ring light, Phil takes down places for the judge.

We huddled out the storm in this open-sided building. Steel roof included!! Yikes!! I prayed aloud for peace, safety, and the ending to be soon. As Phil said when we got home, I’m thankful that building didn’t lift!

Lots of damage all over. Town and the town with the fair all have power now. We continue with spurts of generator usage. Phil has to fill the tractor fuel by hand w/ small fuel containers and with the price of diesel near $5 and the length w/o power… spurts are much to be thankful for!!

My usual lengthfulness will return when I’m not on a schedule!!

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Storm Pictures 1

Just a few to hold you over. Not much time left. Phil ran the generator over noon to cool off hogs & give them water, I could cook dinner, and just a few mins online.

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