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His 16th Birthday!!

Yippee!! JP is 16 today!

I was surprised he was up early after the week we have had & I had suggested he sleep in. He thought it was later than it was… since we didn’t have clocks working.

After breakfast and a shower (thank you to the generator), we headed to the DMV. He passed and is now a licensed driver! All of us are so happy!!

After a harrowing rescue (it is a long story not to be clouding his birthday post… ask me about it later….) in the finishing building, the power returned and we had a yummy lunch and presents! I also slaved over a frozen pie and we enjoyed that with Gma & Gpa M after lunch. (Some of us had little pieces that were still…. oh.so.yummy!!)

He has a new cell phone – total shock to him!
So I sent a quick text to K that it was safe to try out the new number! https://i0.wp.com/img246.imageshack.us/img246/8399/thumbsup4kk.gif

And a new set of tom-toms for his drum set.

Who helps you open your presents?

A new Wii game from K and cash from all the grandparents!!

He is one happy boy!!

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